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Ace Attorney 3 Trials & Tribulations Set for August, Gyakuten Saiban 5 Coming Soon Too?

Yes, the news that all Ace Attorney fans had been waiting for. There’s still no release date for the US version of the third instalment of the Gyakuten Saiban series yet but, Japan’s set to get their Best Price version of the DS port on August 23rd.


As you can see, the English option incentive is there once again so good news for Western fans and importers even though it was expected.


Consequently Capcom’s CEO Genzou Tsujimoto, after reporting GS4 have surpassed 500,000 copies, hinted at the financial report conference on Monday that a Gyakuten Saiban 5 will be in the works sometime after the next season.

GS5 Mock Logo.

Well, if they can keep the Rockman series running for this long why not GS too?


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