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Persona 3 FES Expansion Coming to the US on April 22nd

And it’s going to be the stand alone version of Persona 3 FES too, which means you don’t need a copy of the original game to play the expansion pack. You’ll have both in the same package and at a discounted price of US$29.99 too. Europeans who are reading about this must be annoyed they’re only getting the original game this Friday and what’s more, it’s not going to be the special edition the US got either. Shame. Gamers move out of Europe quick!

On another note, with all the excitement flaring up again I still see people thinking the P3 characters really shoot themselves in the heads to summon their Personas. Well, as I mentioned before, the guns don’t really fire anything. I can understand the confusion though considering they never explained about the Evokers in the original game (as far as I can recall) and I’m sure the train of thought here is, gun means firing bullets.

Ah well, I’m sure it was part of the original attention catcher anyway. Now that P3 FES trailer has got me listening to the “reincarnation” version of Burn My Dread again.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for April 22nd, you can go check out the first half hour of Episode Aegis if you don’t mind spoilers. You can also go enjoy some hilarious P3 drama CDs or, learn about the game’s story elements in more detail such as what that blue butterfly represents and the true role of the gun shaped Evokers from the Persona Club P3 Book.

P3 FES Stand Alone Version for the US.


Wii Fit Balance Board Package Priced for EU?

We know Europe is going to get Wii Fit towards the end of April now but, what about the price? Well according to Eurogamer.net, it’s due to be set at at a whopping £69.99 while the European price is €89.99.

It’s too high for my likings so I hope it’s not the final retail price. Look at Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (which is due next month in the EU). That comes with a mat but only costs £44.99. On the other hand, I was kind of expecting this price. If you take a look at the RRP for the Guitar Heroes III bundle, it’s £69.99 too…

Nevertheless, I’ll probably still end up purchasing it day one. Despite the price, I think it just might be one of those sell out titles if you consider its target audience.

Wii Balance Board

Nintendo Wii Firmware v3.2, Twilight Princess Exploit Not Blocked

The Wii console’s mesmerising blue light is flashing again and that usually means a firmware update of course. According to the Nintendo Wii official website the details are the following:

Wii Menu 3.2This update does not affect any prominently-used features or menus; however it does provide some behind the scenes updates that will improve system performance.

So not really much details from them although some sites are saying it adds a notification to let you know if the Wii needs a mini update before you can play a game. I think that would be much more user friendly than coming up with a blank disc channel.

Initially I thought it was to close up the working Twilight Princess exploit that’s been discovered but, it appears it’s still there. The ELF loader (which currently only allows a homebrewn Tetris game to run) still works apparently so that’s good news. This will give the homebrew teams more time to see what else they can do.

I suppose Nintendo isn’t in any hurry to block the code yet since it isn’t capable of running commercial games just now.

Nintendo Wii now with ELF Loader

Firefox 3 Finally Allows Searching Through Cached Websites?


Never mind. It’s still just searching through site names and not their contents. I should read things more carefully -_-;

The latest version of Firefox 3 has been available for beta testing for sometime now but, I haven’t really bothered trying it out to see what the new features are like. Then I came across this article on the BBC today and found out it’s going to offer “a combined search and bookmark tool” as well as support “offline working”.

Typing “cameras”, for example, into the url bar, will bring up a list of the sites that the user recently visited that have cameras in their names.

“If you buy shoes, that’s all you need to remember – we will use search, as you’ve come to expect it, to help you find the places that you have been visiting,” Ms Baker said.

Internet Explorer have had a similar feature for some time now but doesn’t exactly work the same way. From what I’ve read, I have the impression that Firefox will finally allow you to search through your browser’s cache (i.e. websites stored on your computer for quick access). It’s one thing I’ve been missing since abandoning IE because if you ever forget to bookmark a site with content that you like, you’ll be able to find it again without the trouble of running through the pages of results in a search engine which could take hours.

Firefox 3 Beta 3

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The Same Sky, Are the Lyrics or Tune More Important?

同天空 (The Same Sky) by Pak Ho Chau (周柏豪) is the only song I’ve been playing whenever I’m at home over the past few days. I like the lyrics and the rhythm has a nice flow to it. It’s not the first time I looped a song for days though. Mosaic Kakera by Sunset Swish was also one of my favourites (and still is).

Anyway, below you’ll find the Chinese lyrics and my attempt at a translation.

我試過懶理別人從徬 放任隨處蕩
也試過漆黑中找哲理 儘管不够光
快快告訴我哪里已種了禁果 我要去哪里 哪里至會有曙光
過去已過去 過去已印證出答案

I’ve tried ignoring the people around me, wandering everywhere.
I’ve tried searching for principles in darkness even though there wasn’t enough light.
Tell me quickly where the Forbidden Fruit is,
For that is where I must go, it’s where the light is.
The past is in the past, it has helped confirm my answer.

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The Wii is Getting Its First Dating Sim, Clean Keeper

So, the DS has a witch hunting game “Doki Doki Shinpan” where you have to touch little girls to find out if they’re a witch or not. Now it looks like the Wii is going to get its own share of lolicon.

Idea Factory is set to release “O-Souji Sentai Clean Keeper (The Cleaning Team: Clean Keeper)” on April 24th, a dating sim which also features little girls and comes with another ridiculous storyline too.

Clean Keeper for the Wii

One day, while cleaning the school corridors, second year high student Kurou Minamoto meets a fairy named “Marry” who governs hygiene and is told that a dirty (no pun intended) Demon King is going to attack the school and make it filthy. Now it’s Kurou’s job to free the other sealed fairies, find girls who can team up with them to transform into the “Clean Keepers” to do battle!

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Microsoft Office 2007 Window Switching Delay Resolved!

After installing a student copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate Edition, I found that every time I tried switching between documents or windows, its application windows would pause for a few seconds before being usable. It’s been very annoying but fortunately, I came across what was causing the problem.

It was the “Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM” add-on. All I had to do to was disable it by going into Word Options, Add-Ins, click Go next to “Manage COM Add-Ins” then unchecked the box.

A Problem with Add-Ins

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