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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Guild Cards Now with Hunting Logs!

According to Game Watch, here’s another interesting addition to the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G! Guild cards that you exchange with other players will now show graphs of your weapon usage and how well you get along with the Felyne Buddies that you team up with while out on your hunting trips.

The new guild card.

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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to Have Media Install Option and Exchangeable Felynes

The original MHP2 was released before the PSP Slim came out thus, Capcom had taken action in an attempt to lower the amount of time it took to move between areas in the game by offering players a “BG Load” option. Now the PSP Slim is out with more memory to improve the loading times for all games in general yet, Capcom has still decided to take another step for their upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

According to Game Watch, players will now have a “Media Install” option which install 1GB of game data onto the PSP’s memory stick. The “BG Load” option will also still be available thus, loading time should be speeded up significantly for those who can’t stand the slow UMD speed (and don’t have a “modded” PSP).

MHP2G Media Install

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Vantage Master Portable Site Open with Wallpaper Downloads

The official website for Vantage Master Portable official site is open but there’s not much on it yet besides a few introductory profiles of the Masters you can choose to play as and the fire type Natial units that will be at your disposal. There’s also some PC / PSP wallpapers and XMB themes for download.

The story differs from character to character but, there should be a main story. I’m guessing they’re saving it for when the trailer’s ready. Wonder what this one will be like… Too bad Makoto Shinkai and Tenmon aren’t working for Falcom anymore!

VM Portable Site

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, A Fur Strap for your PSP

All fans of the Monster Hunter series will know by now a large part of the game is about collecting materials to build the next tier of weapons and armour. Well, how about some of that material in real life? Well, sort of anyway…

Anyone pre-ordering a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G through Capcom’s online store will receive this black strap made from the “fur” of the new original monster Nalgakulga that’s due to appear in the game.

I wonder if the material works as a screen cleaner too?

A Furry Strap for your PSP

Vantage Master Portable Set for April

Falcom announced today that their SRPG “Vantage Master Portable” is due to hit the shelves on April 24th which just sets it about a month apart from the DS remakes of Ys. There’s still no official site up yet but it should be up soon according to their newsletter.

In the meantime, you can go download the February calendar wallpaper that features it if you like its artwork or, go download a free English copy of Vantage Master for the PC to get a feeling of what the game will be like.

The Anime artwork is looking nice but the main in-game graphics are looking just a little bit lacking. I wonder what the music will be like?

Vantage Master Portable

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Fighting with Your Felyne Partner

Game Watch has revealed a little more info about the little AI partner that players will be getting in MHP2G. Apparently, they will have the following features:

  • Can be taken along to all offline quests including training apart from ones that involve large monsters such as Lao Shan.
  • When their HP is used up, they will hide themselves in the earth until they are recovered before returning to the player. Reward will not be deducted when this happens.
  • They have various personalities such as ones that love using explosives.
  • You can set a training programme for them such as muscle building to increase stats.
  • You can convert Buddy Felynes to chefs and back.
  • Various reactions when you are roasting meat or fishing.
Otomo Airu

Now I wonder if the monsters will actually go after the felynes or will they still just be focusing on you? The felynes would make a great distraction while you pelt the monsters with all the ammo you have.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Pack Revealed

It was only yesterday did Capcom announce the delay of their latest title in their monster slaying series, “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G” but maybe this will brighten up fans.

This US$242 “Hunters Pack G” pack has been revealed and will contain:

  • A bronze coloured PSP Slim Model 2000 ZN featuring the guild emblem.
  • AC Adaptor and battery pack.
  • Two “Buddy (Otomo) Pouches” for holding the console and games.
  • A “Necoat Strap”.
  • Game itself.

The Hunters Pack G

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