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Persona 3 FES Expansion Coming to the US on April 22nd

And it’s going to be the stand alone version of Persona 3 FES too, which means you don’t need a copy of the original game to play the expansion pack. You’ll have both in the same package and at a discounted price of US$29.99 too. Europeans who are reading about this must be annoyed they’re only getting the original game this Friday and what’s more, it’s not going to be the special edition the US got either. Shame. Gamers move out of Europe quick!

On another note, with all the excitement flaring up again I still see people thinking the P3 characters really shoot themselves in the heads to summon their Personas. Well, as I mentioned before, the guns don’t really fire anything. I can understand the confusion though considering they never explained about the Evokers in the original game (as far as I can recall) and I’m sure the train of thought here is, gun means firing bullets.

Ah well, I’m sure it was part of the original attention catcher anyway. Now that P3 FES trailer has got me listening to the “reincarnation” version of Burn My Dread again.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for April 22nd, you can go check out the first half hour of Episode Aegis if you don’t mind spoilers. You can also go enjoy some hilarious P3 drama CDs or, learn about the game’s story elements in more detail such as what that blue butterfly represents and the true role of the gun shaped Evokers from the Persona Club P3 Book.

P3 FES Stand Alone Version for the US.


Persona Trinity Soul Parody Manga Vol. 2, The Hidden Folder

Vol. 2 “The Hidden Folder” based on episode three. I was wondering when they would put up the next short for this month!

Persona Trinity Soul Manga Vol 2

Persona Trinity Soul 07, A Close Encounter

Episode 7 Summary – The Stranger Called “I”

Megumi has a flashback of Shin and Takuro using their Personas followed by what appears to be a car accident. She cries out but bangs her head and finds herself on the train. Two girls sitting opposite her giggles.

Megumi has a bad dream.

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Persona Trinity Soul 06, An Eventful Day in Ayanagi

Episode 6 Summary – The Day the Chief Inspector Disappeared

It was another busy day at the office for Chief Inspector Ryo. As he stamped away at the documents that required approving, he is told that idol Chikorin was not going to make it for the “One Day Inspector Day”.

A typical day at the office.

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Persona Trinity Soul Broadcast Schedule Change for February

It appears Persona Trinity Soul is going to get a slight change in schedule for this month February, moving from Saturdays to Wednesdays until the end of the month. This means we’ll probably be seeing raws of the next episode six tomorrow, a few days earlier than usual.

Official site has also been updated with a summary of episode six, “The Day the Chief Inspector Disappeared”.

When a famous actress is on her way to Ayanagi City for a one day road safety campaign, she finds herself stuck at the airport due to heavy snow. As a result of this, the police staff has to find a replacement. Unfortunately at the same time, there is a sudden report of another Reverse incident in which Ryo heads out to the crime scene alone immediately. With the chief inspector absent from the city, a kidnapping case has been reported too. In such a state of emergencies, what will the two “half day chief inspectors” do?

PTS Episode 6 Preview

Just had to be during the week when I’m the busiest… Ah well. I’ll just do the write-up anyway little by little so that I’ll have it prepared for the weekend at least. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy I can watch the next episode early but, it just means my write-ups will probably end up a little later than I’ve been doing.


Doh! It’s just slight changes in time for the CBS and MBS channels so never mind ^^;;

Persona Trinity Soul 05, The Gathering of Personas

Episode 5 Summary – A Forced Union

Somewhere in a darkly lit room, Marebito member Saki was held inside a capsule with tubes attached to her. A voice in the background reports the density of her Persona was at 70% and that a heartbeat was still present before the machine begins extraction. A man begins to talk in the shadows saying how Personas were originally part of the human mind and were inseparable but now that they’ve found a way, there was also a price to pay. By collecting more special class ‘A’ Personas, they should achieve a greater density.

The Marebito HQ.

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Persona Trinity Soul Four Panel Manga Begins

The free four panel Persona Trinity Soul parody Manga has begun its serialisation as planned, now that we’re into February. Drawn by “Com-san”, here’s volume one which is based on episode two of the show. You can access the original via the Special section of the official site.

Persona Trinity Soul Manga Vol 1

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