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Pixar’s 2009 Movie Named “UP” and Cars Sequel in Line?

According to Pixar Planet, Pixar Studios maybe planning to release a movie named “Up” in 2009 and that Disney may want a “Cars 2” in 2011. I really can’t imagine what kind of story a movie named “Up” will have. Space related perhaps? As for a sequel to Cars, I don’t really want one because I think the story’s been wrapped up well enough already for Lightning McQueen.

Meanwhile, I’m curious to see what their movie for this year, “Wall-E” is like. From the trailers, it looks like a cute comedy. I see they’ve changed their jumping lamp animation during the company logo for this one too!

This reminds me… I’ve still to pick up Cars and the more recent Ratatouille for my Pixar DVD collection.

Wall-E Coming 2008


First Screens and Trailer for Capcom’s “Resident Evil Degeneration” CG Movie

Screens have emerged for Capcom’s “Resident Evil: Degeneration” movie that was announced about 2 months ago. A few are actually blurred so not all of them are exactly great screenshots but the ones that aren’t, are looking good.

Screens 1

I’m not really into the RE series of games so I really don’t know anything about the storyline but, I do enjoy CG movies such as Pixar’s works and that’s why I have my eyes on this movie.

Screens 2

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Resident Evil to get a Proper Movie from Capcom in 2008

I don’t think there’s that many successful game to movie adaptations so far apart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Tomb Raider was so-so and the Resident Evil movies weren’t really any good either (what’s with everyone copying the Matrix effect?). I always thought that if they’re going to make a movie out of a game, they might as well keep to the pre-rendered CG footage that they use in-game. I’m sure if the game developers went along with that idea then the movies would be much better. Less limitations.

Well, it looks like that’s exactly what Sony and Capcom are going to do. According to Animaxis’ newsletter, Capcom and Sony Pictures Entertainment are going to produce a full CG movie named “Biohazard: Degeneration” which, will be a story that is separate from the game and live action movie series. That’s about it as far as the details go at the moment but I’m sure it’s going to turn out good.

Resident Evil 4

Now Blizzard. Please do the same thing with your Warcraft movie.

More Leaked Footage from the Evangelion 1.0 Rebuild Movie with English Subs

It’s been pretty quiet with news about the next Rebuild of Evangelion movie lately but I guess it’s still early to start building up the hype. Still no news concerning who the new character and scenes are all about. The good news for those who are anticipating the DVD release of the first movie is two English subbed clips have been leaked from the recent Korean Pusan International Film Festival. There’s actually the trailer for the next movie too which I’ve updated my previous post with since the Youtube one’s been removed. You’ll have to be very patient to view them due to the Korean server’s busy traffic.

Pusan International Movie Festival

Gainax has clearly done a great job with this first remake judging from the clips.

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Ghibli’s Next Miyazaki Movie Revealed, “Ponyo on a Cliff”

Four years after “The Moving Castle”, Hayao Miyazaki has revealed his next animated movie “Gake no Ue no Ponyo”.

According to Ghibli World’s interpretation of a feature in “NNN News Real Time”, the story doesn’t seem to be based around a novel this time. The tale is going to be centred on 5 year old boy named Sousuke and how a princess goldfish “Ponyo” wants to become human.

Interestingly enough, the model for the little boy is going to be Miyazaki’s grandson when he was 5 years old.

Producer Toshio Suzuki comments…

It’s been 18 months since production began. We’re using a new drawing technique that will be different to the fine detailed illustrations of previous works but it doesn’t involve any CGI. For that reason, the finer details will be lost but the fun will be in thinking how the animation will turn out. The story will mainly be set in the ocean and all of it will be “hand drawn” so maybe this will become something that no one’s ever witnessed before. About half of the story and concept artwork has been done. Director Miyazaki himself has great expectations towards this challenge and is fully immersing himself in the production.

Music will once again by handled by Joe Hisaishi who also composed for other famous works such as Laputa, Spirited Away and Totoro.

So did anyone immediately think of Disney’s “Finding Nemo” released back in 2003? Not that the stories are the same but that’s what I thought of when I read “goldfish” and the “sea”. On the other hand, the story is sounding a little like the little mermaid story. The goldfish probably falls in love with the boy or something…


Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006 Remake Thoughts

Just found time to watch it tonight after getting it from the usual site where I get my Anime RAWs from.

Screen 1

This is a remake of the 1980 animation which was the very first Doraemon theatrical feature.

I don’t know how the original movie’s story starts off because my VHS video copy has a good chunk of the beginning cut off. Probably half an hour or so… However, reading the synopsis at the anniversary website they should be the same.

Read on ahead for a comparison if you don’t mind spoilers.


It starts off in a typical Doraemon fashion. As usual, Suneo is showing off as usual and this time it’s a dinosaur fossil of a Tyrannosaurus’ claw. Nobita once again gets ignored and doesn’t get to see it in detail like his other friends. Disappointed, he vows to find a fossil too.

T-Rex Fossil

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Gin-iro no Kami no Agito, A Mish Mash of Deja Vu Scenes?

Got round to watching the movie I bought during my recent trip to HK and it’s alright but nothing memorable like the actual Miyazaki Ghibli movies. I won’t describe what it’s about because you can read all about it at the official English site.

A lot of the scenes reminded me of different Miyazaki movies namely Laputa, Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa. I hadn’t read the full credits featured on the front cover before I decided to buy it but surprise surprise, the one behind the concept was Umanosuke Iida who worked on Nausicaa and Laputa. No wonder there were so many similarities.

Screen 1
Agito and mysterious girl, Tula. – Laputa

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