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Rosario + Vampire 07, The Cold Loneliness of the Snow Girl

Episode 7 Summary – The Snow Girl & Vampire

Tsukune and the rest of the newspaper club members were handing out the latest issue of their Youkai Newspaper with the headline, “The Dangerous Fan Club“. It was being well received and every copy was given out at the end.

Youkai Newspaper is well received.

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Persona Trinity Soul 07, A Close Encounter

Episode 7 Summary – The Stranger Called “I”

Megumi has a flashback of Shin and Takuro using their Personas followed by what appears to be a car accident. She cries out but bangs her head and finds herself on the train. Two girls sitting opposite her giggles.

Megumi has a bad dream.

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Persona Trinity Soul 06, An Eventful Day in Ayanagi

Episode 6 Summary – The Day the Chief Inspector Disappeared

It was another busy day at the office for Chief Inspector Ryo. As he stamped away at the documents that required approving, he is told that idol Chikorin was not going to make it for the “One Day Inspector Day”.

A typical day at the office.

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Rosario + Vampire 06, The Peeping Demon Rival

Episode 6 Summary – The Newspaper Club & Vampire

It was a night with a full blood red moon. A girl can be heard screaming in the darkness as as she senses someone lurking in the shadows.

A full moon.

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5 Centimeters per Second to Get Blue-ray and HD-DVD Releases

Those of you who have been holding out for Full HD 1080p versions of Shinkai’s works will soon be able to purchase them because both “The Day Promised in Our Early Days” and “5 Centimetres per Second” will be released in Blue-Ray and HD-DVD format in Japan on April 18th costing 5775 Yen (US$55) each.

The ending credits of “5 Centimetres per Second” had showed the movie was produced in HD format so it was a matter of time before this happened really. The only bad news is there is no limited edition so if you want that film strip, you’ll still just have to go for the limited edition DVD release.

Content-wise, these HD releases contain the movie itself and eight minutes of extras. The extras are comprised of the movie trailers and also the “One more time, One more chance” PV 5 Centimetres per Second Special Edition that only came with the LE DVD release. However, oddly enough it seems to be missing the interview with Makoto Shinkai which both versions of the DVD contained.

I obviously won’t be getting this because I already own the DVD and, I don’t have an HD media player. I think it would be amazing to watch the beautiful artwork in its Full HD glory, though!

Persona Trinity Soul Broadcast Schedule Change for February

It appears Persona Trinity Soul is going to get a slight change in schedule for this month February, moving from Saturdays to Wednesdays until the end of the month. This means we’ll probably be seeing raws of the next episode six tomorrow, a few days earlier than usual.

Official site has also been updated with a summary of episode six, “The Day the Chief Inspector Disappeared”.

When a famous actress is on her way to Ayanagi City for a one day road safety campaign, she finds herself stuck at the airport due to heavy snow. As a result of this, the police staff has to find a replacement. Unfortunately at the same time, there is a sudden report of another Reverse incident in which Ryo heads out to the crime scene alone immediately. With the chief inspector absent from the city, a kidnapping case has been reported too. In such a state of emergencies, what will the two “half day chief inspectors” do?

PTS Episode 6 Preview

Just had to be during the week when I’m the busiest… Ah well. I’ll just do the write-up anyway little by little so that I’ll have it prepared for the weekend at least. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy I can watch the next episode early but, it just means my write-ups will probably end up a little later than I’ve been doing.


Doh! It’s just slight changes in time for the CBS and MBS channels so never mind ^^;;

Gunparade March – Yami wo Koete

Gunparade MarchAnother song that’s been playing in my mind lately only this time, I knew which show it was from. Gunparade MarchA PSX game turned Anime which I also watched five years ago just like Someday’s Dreamers.

I even attempted to translate the lyrics which I found in romanised form. I think I done a pretty good job considering my level of Japanese at the time. The lyrics seemed easy enough but because it was romanised, I had to work with a lot of ambiguity. There’s a lot of homophones in the language so without Kanji, it’s hard to distinguish the meanings. The show itself on the other hand, was actually pretty average but I liked the song.

You can still find my translation on AnimeLyrics.com under my old alias name, “Kaworu Sangaku”… Yeah, a name I just made up back then based on Kaworu’s name from Evangelion. I didn’t know it was very feminine sounding until a penpal pointed it out to me.

What is it with all these songs coming back to me?