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Sims 3 Details in Two Weeks Time

I remember how fun The Sims was when I was playing it during high school. It allowed you to design your own home, make your Sims live a dream life and play “God” perhaps.

Then the second one came out which was better with its improved graphics, livelier animation, better AI interactions and family genes so that got me playing again for a while. Following that came a barrage of expansion packs which I didn’t bother with at all because they were all rubbish in my opinion. As much as I wanted more objects to decorate the game with, the new material just felt somewhat detached from the main game. Some kind of second thought add on.

Now with Spore’s release date set, it makes sense EA is going to reveal details about the next Will Wright game in two weeks time on March 19th. But what could they do with Sims 3 to make it better than the last instalment? Well, another graphical haul will probably be in order. I just hope my PC can run it!

Sims 3 Teaser


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