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The Real Wii Freeloader Announced, Region Free Finally Here?

There used to be a Freeloader disc available from Datel with the Wii logo which made people think it allowed them to play Wii games from any region on there console when in actual fact, it was only for loading Game Cube games. The disc has been blacklisted by firmware updates now although Nintendo had claimed “it wasn’t intentional”…

However, it now looks like the real Wii Freeloader is set to appear on March 14th according to various sources. I’m not really surprised considering the recent successful hacks made to the Wii console. According to retailer Code Junkies who are selling the Freeloader and have apparently tested it:

  • The Wii Freeloader ignores all region coding.
  • The Wii Freeloader ignores all Wii console updates on game disc.
  • A new Freeloader disc will be sent out if a new firmware update blocks it.

The real Wii Freeloader.

At the moment, they are selling it in the UK for £9.99. If it really works then this would be good news because I’ll be able to import some Japanese only titles such as Gundam Scud Hammers or the Gegege no Kitaro and Doraemon games (Yeah, I’m a fan of both shows!). Vanillaware’s “Oboromuramasa” looks like a title that won’t be localised too so I might end up importing that.

What I won’t do is import titles that will eventually come out over here unless I think they’ll do a bad job localising them or a game might suffer from censoring such as No More Heroes.


3 Responses

  1. confirmed date from datel of wii freeloader is Wednesday 5th of March

  2. .. I was lied to .. codejunkies say today.. but now they say it can be any day now and there’s no specific date.. bastards..

  3. What are you doing on my blog?! Begone evil doer! (J/K)

    All the sites seem to point to the 14th but I guess we’ll see.

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