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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Guild Cards Now with Hunting Logs!

According to Game Watch, here’s another interesting addition to the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G! Guild cards that you exchange with other players will now show graphs of your weapon usage and how well you get along with the Felyne Buddies that you team up with while out on your hunting trips.

The new guild card.

However, perhaps the most interesting part is the card will also have a log of your adventures too such as how many times you failed to hunt down a monster, the quests you went on, what gear you created and when you met your Felyne Buddies. Looking at the screenshot here, it seems someone at Capcom doesn’t like the Tigarex just like most other MHP2 players do!

Hunter's log.

While playing online, I used to exchange guild cards with everyone I met just to get the friendship ratings up so that you can get those rare tickets to create special pieces of gear. Other than that, they were pretty much meaningless since everyone had the same reward emblems from the quests. These updated hunting logs will be a very interesting addition.


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