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Moving to Own Domain and Host

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and have invested in my own domain and private hosting space. The traffic I’ve been getting has increased from a mere daily 100 unique visitors to almost 1000 since starting this new blog on WordPress and is staying around that mark. So I thought maybe I can do more if I had my own space without the current restrictions such as no Javascript allowed or no editing of the PHP theme files. I’m going to try it for a year and see how things go. Then I’ll decide if I want to keep my new domain and space or not.

Right now, I’m in the middle of migrating everything over and setting up WordPress. I’m also waiting for the DNS entry to get updated so that I can point my new domain towards the host soon. That’s going take two days max. Until then, I think I’ll stop posting on this blog so that I don’t have to move any more posts over later.

Haven’t had too many problems although I’m going to have to learn how to change all the embedded Youtube tags and links in all the posts. Otherwise they’ll be pointing to a bunch of old addresses and that won’t work out.

Also trying to find a widget that will show the Top 10 Posts but haven’t had any luck so far.

Will point to the new domain as soon as the DNS update is complete. Don’t expect any changes to the site though because I’m still just messing around with code and just trying to make my original blog work there ^^;

Moving hosts!


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