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Everyone’s Pokemon Farm, More Free Activities with the Miis

I’ve already gotten bored of the Mii Contest Channel not long after it came out. It was interesting to see what it was like and what people managed to do with their Miis at first but, I hardly use it now. I use the Everybody Votes Channel more.

I don’t know… Some of the Miis are impressive considering the limited control you have when creating them but, browsing through pages of Miis just isn’t that interesting. Neither is judging the contests and seeing how close your judgement was compared with other users.

Anyway, even though we’re still waiting for the “Everybody’s Nintendo Channel” for free downloadable DS demos and reviews, Japan is about to get some new content again, this time in the form of “Everybody’s Pokemon Farm” due sometime in March.

Minna no Pokemon Bokujou

With this, you’ll be able to have your Miis roam about at Yukari’s Pokemon Farm where you can have up to one thousand different Pokemon to look after, most of which can be imported from the DS games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

 Miis having fun.

Pictures can then be taken and posted on the Wii Message Board or transferred onto SD cards.

 Meet the Pokemon.

I’m not too excited over this since I’m not that much of a Pokemon fan but it looks pretty good. A free channel that makes more use of 3D than the others have been using and I’m sure it’ll mesmerise young children as the Pokemon run around the farm.


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