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Nintendo Wii Firmware v3.2, Twilight Princess Exploit Not Blocked

The Wii console’s mesmerising blue light is flashing again and that usually means a firmware update of course. According to the Nintendo Wii official website the details are the following:

Wii Menu 3.2This update does not affect any prominently-used features or menus; however it does provide some behind the scenes updates that will improve system performance.

So not really much details from them although some sites are saying it adds a notification to let you know if the Wii needs a mini update before you can play a game. I think that would be much more user friendly than coming up with a blank disc channel.

Initially I thought it was to close up the working Twilight Princess exploit that’s been discovered but, it appears it’s still there. The ELF loader (which currently only allows a homebrewn Tetris game to run) still works apparently so that’s good news. This will give the homebrew teams more time to see what else they can do.

I suppose Nintendo isn’t in any hurry to block the code yet since it isn’t capable of running commercial games just now.

Nintendo Wii now with ELF Loader


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