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Firefox 3 Finally Allows Searching Through Cached Websites?


Never mind. It’s still just searching through site names and not their contents. I should read things more carefully -_-;

The latest version of Firefox 3 has been available for beta testing for sometime now but, I haven’t really bothered trying it out to see what the new features are like. Then I came across this article on the BBC today and found out it’s going to offer “a combined search and bookmark tool” as well as support “offline working”.

Typing “cameras”, for example, into the url bar, will bring up a list of the sites that the user recently visited that have cameras in their names.

“If you buy shoes, that’s all you need to remember – we will use search, as you’ve come to expect it, to help you find the places that you have been visiting,” Ms Baker said.

Internet Explorer have had a similar feature for some time now but doesn’t exactly work the same way. From what I’ve read, I have the impression that Firefox will finally allow you to search through your browser’s cache (i.e. websites stored on your computer for quick access). It’s one thing I’ve been missing since abandoning IE because if you ever forget to bookmark a site with content that you like, you’ll be able to find it again without the trouble of running through the pages of results in a search engine which could take hours.

Firefox 3 Beta 3

For example, say a website’s title was “Collection of Guides” and it had a page full of guides in PDF, one of which was a very rare maybe “101 Ways to make a Million“. You then somehow forgot to bookmark the site (I know, how can you forget!) but all you would have to do is type in “101 Ways to make a Million” in your browser and it’ll find that very site again from your browser’s cache in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

As far as I know, Firefox currently only allows you to search through the titles of the websites you’ve been visiting when you open up its History so, if you tried what I wrote above it wouldn’t find it because it doesn’t search through the actual text that’s written on each site. IE on the other hand does so you would be able to find the site again quickly and easily.

I was hoping for something similar to be added to Firefox so I’m glad we’re getting it in version three. I’ll be looking forward to when the final version is out or at least a release candidate version.


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