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The Wii is Getting Its First Dating Sim, Clean Keeper

So, the DS has a witch hunting game “Doki Doki Shinpan” where you have to touch little girls to find out if they’re a witch or not. Now it looks like the Wii is going to get its own share of lolicon.

Idea Factory is set to release “O-Souji Sentai Clean Keeper (The Cleaning Team: Clean Keeper)” on April 24th, a dating sim which also features little girls and comes with another ridiculous storyline too.

Clean Keeper for the Wii

One day, while cleaning the school corridors, second year high student Kurou Minamoto meets a fairy named “Marry” who governs hygiene and is told that a dirty (no pun intended) Demon King is going to attack the school and make it filthy. Now it’s Kurou’s job to free the other sealed fairies, find girls who can team up with them to transform into the “Clean Keepers” to do battle!

And the gameplay? Besides the mandatory visual novel part to win the girl’s hearts and unlock suggestive CG (NSFW!), players will select which girl they want to fight together with then use the Wiimote to get rid of the evil “dirt” that appear on screen to battle with the enemy. Depending on what colour the dirt is, different Wiimote actions is required to remove them.

Evil dirt.

I will never understand the Otaku obsession with little girls but, I guess that’s why it’s a lolicon (i.e. lolita complex). CERO, the video games rating authority in Japan has yet to review the game although I’m pretty sure it’ll get a similar rating to SNK’s DS game, a “C” for fifteen years and up.


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