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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to Have Media Install Option and Exchangeable Felynes

The original MHP2 was released before the PSP Slim came out thus, Capcom had taken action in an attempt to lower the amount of time it took to move between areas in the game by offering players a “BG Load” option. Now the PSP Slim is out with more memory to improve the loading times for all games in general yet, Capcom has still decided to take another step for their upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

According to Game Watch, players will now have a “Media Install” option which install 1GB of game data onto the PSP’s memory stick. The “BG Load” option will also still be available thus, loading time should be speeded up significantly for those who can’t stand the slow UMD speed (and don’t have a “modded” PSP).

MHP2G Media Install

Meanwhile in other MHP2G news, it’s been revealed players will be able to leave their PSPs in standby mode so that if anyone nearby is doing the same thing, you’ll end up exchanging the “Buddy Felynes” automatically. Of course, you can also exchange them directly while inside the Gathering Hall. By doing so, you’ll have a felyne that speaks differently depending on how their original master has been playing the game such as using “Tachis” a lot.

Swapping Buddy Felynes.


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