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Machines to Boost Human Intelligence by 2029?

That is, according to Ray Kurzweil.

Humanity is on the brink of advances that will see tiny robots implanted in people’s brains to make them more intelligent, said Ray Kurzweil.

The engineer believes machines and humans will eventually merge through devices implanted in the body to boost intelligence and health.

Right, more sophisticated nano machines to boost health I can imagine. It would be great to be able to heal all kinds of medical conditions without the need of incisions or, just helping the human immune system to prevent them in the first place but, machines to “boost intelligence”?

More sophisticated nano machines in the future?

It doesn’t exactly say machines that will replace the traditional way of education entirely but, I think it’s reasonable to think that it will eventually allow people to just “slot in” any information we want and learn it instantly just like in “The Matrix” movie… That wouldn’t be that great in my opinion.

Who will be doing all the lower class jobs such as cleaners and bin men? Perhaps by then, robots will be taking over these kind of jobs but, it leaves another question open. What would happen if hackers alter this code to change the way people think? For example, start making them transfer their money into an anonymous account. I think the risks involved will be high.

Humans will also become ever the more lazier but then again, I think technology is pretty much doing that already.

Ah well, twenty years is a long time. We’ll see what happens then.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting, maybe the dream to easily memorize everything will not be a dream anymore. I used to joke with my friend about what would happen if human could have a memory chip implemented. Now this O_O

    anyway, I would like to see how vatican and other bunch conseratives react to this development. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started their branding this project as another possibility of apocalyptic 666-beast mark.

  2. Well, it’s just a prediction but with the way technology’s progressing, who knows?

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