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An Unexpected Burst of Traffic with Professor Layton

Just been about a few days since the English version of the first Professor Layton puzzle game’s been released over in NA and, the traffic on my blog’s already being topped everyday. I wasn’t really expecting so many hits from people searching for information about the game or guides for it to be honest so, this was a little surprise. Days of writing that guide and coverage of it is paying off now.

My guide was written when the Japanese version came out though so, a number of puzzles probably don’t match up correctly. I wonder how long the traffic will keep flowing in? Perhaps until more guides appear but, will Western players heed Level 5’s appeal to not write answer guides? I wrote mine before that notice appeared so I don’t intend to take it down. And the Japanese? Well, from what I’ve read so far, the usual guide sites are only listing hints now instead of answers (for the second game anyway).

I’ve still to play the second game “Pandora’s Box” but I’m sure I’ll get round to it before the third game, “The Last Time Travel” is out or even the live action movie for that matter.

On the other hand, it’s good to see the title doing so well, topping the DS chart on Amazon US while making it into the top ten in the video games section. I just hope more people will manage to overlook the “cartoon” presentation and enjoy the brain stormers. It really is a charming little game. Good job, Level 5! You deserve the CESA Japan Game Award of Excellency in 2007!

Professor Layton to Fushigi na Machi US Version


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