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A Release Date for Will Wright’s Next Evolutionary Game, Spore

I’ve stopped playing PC games since buying myself a DS and Wii because there hasn’t been any titles that’s caught my attention on it lately.

However, here’s one I’m looking forward to playing. Will Wright’s next game after his big hit “The Sims”. Spore – Another great sounding sim where you watch life evolve from bacteria all the way through to intelligent beings with you influencing their evolution of course.

I’m really curious to know what the requirements will be to play it on Windows but, since the release date isn’t until September 5th, I’m guessing it will be a while until they’re revealed. Just hope my PC can handle it!

Also sounds like the game will be going multi-platform with versions for the DS and Wii too although I doubt I will be buying either if I’m playing it on the PC.



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