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Rosario + Vampire 06, The Peeping Demon Rival

Episode 6 Summary – The Newspaper Club & Vampire

It was a night with a full blood red moon. A girl can be heard screaming in the darkness as as she senses someone lurking in the shadows.

A full moon.

Another morning at Youkai Academy and Moka is ready to have her breakfast from Tsukune again. It was also going to be their first day at the newspaper club they just joined. The other two girls Kurumu and Yukari are excited too being able to attend the same club. Kurumu is so happy she almost suffocates him to death by hugging him.

Tsukune passes out from Kurumu's mighty hug.

Soon, the four friends (or rivals?) arrive at the club where Nekonome was waiting for them. They appeared to be the only members until she introduces Ginei Morioka, a second year young man with a dazzling smile. He surprises the girls when he brings with him two bouquets of flowers and hands them to Kurumu and Moka. He even hands a single flower to Yukari too.

Flowers for all girls.

After their little introduction, Nekonome leaves because she had a meeting to attend, leaving Gin in charge. He explains to the new members that their job was to report the latest information and any incidents that occurred at Youkai Academy in the school newspaper. Moka’s impression of Gin was that he seemed like a reliable person. Gin goes onto ask if they knew of any interesting stories to report. They pause for a moment to think. Kurumu suddenly remembers there have been reports of a peeping demon in the school and suggests they find out who it is.

The Youkai Academy Newspaper.

A grim expression comes across Gin but he agrees. First they will have to gather information by inviting anyone who knew anything to report to them. The team spreads out to hand out and post some notices up. Gin goes off with the girls telling Moka and Kurumu stick the notices high up on the walls. Yukari wanted to help too Gin says she didn’t have to until she was a bit older, much to her confusion. Just when Tsukune returns, he notices Gin crouching down for some reason.

Tsukune gets the blame.

Crouching down to the same level as Gin, he finds out Gin was looking up at the girl’s underwear and tries to stop him. Tsukune fails and ends up being framed instead. He ends up being slapped hard by an annoyed Moka and Kurumu. Even Yukari who had also returned didn’t help Tsukune this time. Everyone leaves him including Moka who was disappointed by Tsukune’s behaviour. She didn’t like perverts.

Moka shocked at Tsukune.

Inside the girl’s toilet, Moka was still a little annoyed at Tsukune’s actions. She gazes at the mirror, embarrassed that Tsukune may have saw her underwear. Just then, her rosario glows. Vampire Moka tells her to be careful of Gin. She senses a great power coming from him.

Outside, Gin is admiring the full moon comparing its beauty with Moka who he could see sound asleep. A howl rings through the night.

Gin peeking at Moka.

The next morning, Moka still appeared to be angry at Tsukune, walking quickly ahead and trying to keep her distance. She wasn’t actually angry but because Tsukune’s behaviour was wrong she’s decided to ignore him for the time being to make him feel bad.

Meanwhile, two girls were gossiping about how they think Moka and Tsukune were going out together. They heard many people saw her kissing his neck. Gin just happened to be nearby peeping at them changing and immediately cries out with jealousy. The girls hear him and rushes to their window only to find the unfortunate and innocent Tsukune passing by. As Tsukune tries to explain himself, Gin clings to the wall remembering what Moka had said earlier. He may just have the perfect idea to break them up.

Gin thinks of an evil plan.

Both Kurumu and Moka had found out what happened earlier. They glare at Tsukune as if he was a shameful little boy but no matter how hard he tries, they won’t believe he never tried to peep at them. As Tsukune continues to be troubled about the way the girls were looking at him, Gin steps in to say he believes him and offers to help prove his innocence.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

The two of them make their way outside with Gin leading. He stops outside a high open window and tells Tsukune to climb up to take a peek. At first, Tsukune hesitates but trusting Gin and desperate to prove his innocence, he grabs a nearby barrel and climbs up. As he does so, Gin reveals that he is mesmerised by Moka’s beauty and plans to make her his girl. Tsukune peeks in the window and found it was the girl’s changing room. He turns round to look at Gin, confused.

To his surprise, Gin was snapping pictures of him. As Tsukune realises he was being framed, he shouts out angrily loud enough for the girls to hear him. Gin escapes while Tsukune is left to confront the angry crowd. To make matters worst, Moka sees him being caught by the girls too.

Moka misunderstands again.

By now, rumours about what happened at the changing room was spreading around the academy. Yukari and Kurumu makes up their mind to find out the truth.

Later that night, as Moka stays out on top the school roof thinking about the events of the day, Gin appears to try and comfort her. When he finds that she still wasn’t completely sure Tsukune would do such a thing, he pulls out the photos he took to show her. Yet, Moka still wanted to believe Tsukune wasn’t the pervert everyone thought he was but, the photos made her a lot more hesitant now.


Just as Moka was about to fall for his scheme, Kurumu and Yukari appear in detective attire to prove Tsukune’s innocence. They point out that the barrels Gin claimed Tsukune was standing on weren’t in the photos so, how did Gin know about them?

Gin tries to lie his way through saying that he just happened to be at the scene of the crime that moment. Although it was his first time in that area, Gin knew Tsukune had to bring something to stand on because there was nothing to else in the area. Kurumu spots another contradiction. If it was really his first time there, how did he know there was nothing to stand on?

Detective Kurumu and Yukari.

Gin admits he was lying about being there for the first time but, that didn’t prove anything. However, the girls continue to say how those drums were only there during the time the incident happened so whoever put them there must have known the changing room times. Furthermore, Gin was seen moving the drums just before the incident therefore, he had to be the real peeping demon.

Panicking, Gin drops all the photos he took of girls changing. Seeing his plan didn’t work out, he decides to resort to force to make Moka his. He transforms into a werewolf and begins attacking her. Just then, Tsukune makes it just in time onto the roof and once again, charges forward in an effort to help Moka. He fails but manages to pull the rosario off Moka.

Gin transforms.

However, even then Vampire Moka was struggling to keep up with Gin’s speed. He was fast and powerful when the full moon shone upon him. Fortunately, luck was on Moka’s side. Large black clouds hid the moon away from view as Vampire Moka made quick work of Gin. The battle ended at one hundred and twelve seconds.

And so the next day, the news article was published, their first job at the club was complete and Tsukune’s innocence was proved.

First article complete.

Next episode, “The Snow Woman & Vampire”.


Not much to say about this episode apart from how can Tsukune fall for such an obvious trap? “Oh, go peek through that window. I framed you before and I’m not telling you why you need to do it but, just do it. You’ll prove your innocence.” Right…

And the whole peeping thing. It’s not like all the female characters aren’t already flashing their underwear already but it was still a fun episode to watch.

On the serious side of things, at least we now know Vampire Moka isn’t completely an almighty Youkai. So, back to the introducing new girls routine next episode.


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