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Gunparade March – Yami wo Koete

Gunparade MarchAnother song that’s been playing in my mind lately only this time, I knew which show it was from. Gunparade MarchA PSX game turned Anime which I also watched five years ago just like Someday’s Dreamers.

I even attempted to translate the lyrics which I found in romanised form. I think I done a pretty good job considering my level of Japanese at the time. The lyrics seemed easy enough but because it was romanised, I had to work with a lot of ambiguity. There’s a lot of homophones in the language so without Kanji, it’s hard to distinguish the meanings. The show itself on the other hand, was actually pretty average but I liked the song.

You can still find my translation on AnimeLyrics.com under my old alias name, “Kaworu Sangaku”… Yeah, a name I just made up back then based on Kaworu’s name from Evangelion. I didn’t know it was very feminine sounding until a penpal pointed it out to me.

What is it with all these songs coming back to me?


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