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Someday’s Dreamers – Kaze no Hana

Someday's DreamerFor the past few days, a tune’s been playing in my head repeatedly. I couldn’t remember the name of the song but I knew it was from an Anime with the words “magical” or “mahou” in the title. Since it wouldn’t go away, I decided to try and look it up, shows that had those words in the title.

It turned out to be “Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto“, otherwise known as “Someday’s Dreamers” and it was the opening song, “Kaze no Hana”.

I have the song somewhere but I doubt I can remember which DVD (or CD even) I archived it onto. Fortunately there’s quite a number of sites that gives you free direct access to Anime OPs and EDs. Going to put this on loop until it’s out of my head.

It was a very good short show that I watched five years ago I think when it was aired. Had to rely on fansubs back then because I wasn’t fluent in Japanese yet but, that wasn’t the reason I learned the language. I can’t remember the storyline exactly but it’s about a girl named “Yume” who can use magic and goes off one summer to train to become an official mage. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t one of those really wacky or fan service filled shows.


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  1. Thanks for linking that site for anime OP and ED mp3s! I too have been humming this song for weeks, as well as the short commercial break tunes. So I went on an online quest to find the soundtrack for Someday’s Dreamers, and found it on amazon for dirt cheap. One thing was I realized it didn’t have Kaze no Hana as a reviewer mentioned, but I bought it anyways because I remember the series music being really beautiful. I remembered correctly, and I was not disappointed with the buy especially for the low price of $9.45. However, I still craved Kaze no Hana, and low and behold I come across this article of sorts and the Gendou link. Thanks a bunch and sorry for such a long reply. =D

  2. No problem. Comments are always welcome whether short or long =)

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