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Final Fantasy Potion Not Enough? Try the Mana Energy Potion

So, the Final Fantasy Potion beverage has your HP covered but, what about MP? Well, looks like you’ll soon have that covered too because Harcos have a Mana Energy Potion up for orders! According to the site, drinking the 40ml beverage will give you 160 additional mana points or in real life terms, four cups of coffee to keep you up and gaming.

When I saw this, I thought Blizzard was copying SE because the site design reminded me of their WoW site but looking closer, I found that wasn’t the case. But what if they did? Think there would be a limited edition package that includes a deluxe box and WoW handbook too?

Aside from that, I remember reading you can overdose on coffee if you drink too much in one go so you’ll have to be sipping this pretty much.

Mana Potion Drink


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