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Persona Trinity Soul Four Panel Manga Begins

The free four panel Persona Trinity Soul parody Manga has begun its serialisation as planned, now that we’re into February. Drawn by “Com-san”, here’s volume one which is based on episode two of the show. You can access the original via the Special section of the official site.

Persona Trinity Soul Manga Vol 1

Hmmm… That could prove lethal. More similar Manga based on the original game (not the show) can be found at Ryo Yasohachi’s Kobenidou website.

Site’s also been updated with a summary of tomorrow’s episode five, “A Forced Union”. Shin finds out that one of the missing students “Takashi” was a rock star friend of Takuro’s. When he remembers it was one of the name’s on his brother’s list, he manages to trace him down to a live house by the sea together with Jun one night. There he comes across the Marebito, Soutarou and finds he possesses Takashi’s Persona.

Looking forward to it!


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