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Persona 3 Coming to European Shores on February 29th

Yay, six months later there’s finally a release date for Europe and, Koei’s going to be the publisher over here. If you check magazines such as the Neo Magazine, you’ll see the ad.

I know there’s been quite a number of people waiting for the PAL release so this will be good news for them but, it’s going to be pretty hefty on the wallet for anyone planning to get No More Heroes too because they’re coming out on the same day! It’s just too bad we’re not getting the special package that NA players got. As for myself, I’m not going to pick this up yet until I see what’s happening with the English version of the P3 FES expansion pack.

I think the Persona 3 attention grabber for non-MegaTen fans was probably the characters pointing the gun shaped Evoker at their heads and “shooting” themselves to summon their Personas. Most people seem to think they’re shooting the Persona out of their minds but that really isn’t the case.

For me though, it’s always been the dark atmosphere the MegaTen artwork seems to have.

Well, I wonder if Atlus will really reveal the rumoured Persona 4 for the PS2 during the second half of this year or the Persona PSP game for that matter.

Ready for some P3 fun?
Junpei: “Do we really have to do this!?”
Akihiko: “Of course! It actually feels pretty good, you know.”


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