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Where’s the No More Heroes OST?

I thought someone would have ripped the seventy one track, three disc No More Heroes soundtrack by now but, can’t seem to find it anywhere. Want to listen to it while surfing or typing up my blog entries. I like listening to OSTs while doing that. The only rip I’ve managed to find are these ones from the game itself. Not that it’s not any good or anything but I just prefer the official release. Good job ripping it, whoever done it! This will do nicely until I do find the official track.

Don’t want to buy it from PlayAsia yet because I don’t know how good the tracks are. Only ones I’ve heard so far are the samples on the site and yes they’re good but, that doesn’t mean the rest is good.

Wish the game would come out over here faster! I wonder if we’ll end up seeing the same adult humour ad in magazines. Probably not! You’ll find it amongst the special bunch of wallpapers up on the official blog too by the way if the ones on the official site aren’t enough.

No More Heroes OST


2 Responses

  1. You can find the OST at gamemp3s. You’re welcome. :)

  2. Thank you and the team at GameMP3s. You made my day!

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