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Someone Wants to Destroy My Blog

Looks like someone hates my blog so much they want to flood it, nuke it and blast it with meteors for good measure… Or it was the first website they thought of when they were trying out Netdisaster. I don’t know. It appeared six times today on my referrer list.

Basically what happens is you enter a website’s address and then watch as the Flash animation of your choice is unleashed upon it. Nothing actually happens but some of the choices are pretty fun to watch such as “Led Zeppelin” or “Mars Attack”.

So now you can watch all those misbehaving websites that spam your computer with ads and spyware burn before your eyes.

My beautiful blog!


6 Responses

  1. Rofl, that was probably me. :D

    It’s not because I hate your blog or something like that. Your blog is one of many I visit frequently, and it just happened that your blog was open on the next tab window when I found Netdisaster on Digg. Oops!

    Sorry about that Xcomp, didn’t mean to send the wrong message. :)

  2. Gah! I’m scarred for life… Really I am… How could you do something so inhumane?! 。・°°・( ´Д`)・°°・。

    Just joking. All’s good. I figured out it was just someone trying out that site with my blog just like I wrote. Otherwise this post would have been longer ; )

  3. Wow, I thought it was spyware or something, I guess it’s just a joke huh?

  4. I’m targeting your blog next, Calvin =P

  5. I won’t be surpised when that happens 8P, btw why you closed the comment on your profile page? I’m sure there are lot of visitors who want to drop a hello to you. :)

  6. Well, I don’t think comments on the “About” page is really necessary. Just frequent visits and the odd comments in posts are enough to say “Hello, I’m reading the stuff you write” really. I’m pretty sure all blog writers have the same thoughts in mind.

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