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Blog Status Update, No More Daily Update Schedule

Originally I had planned to make an effort to post one item everyday on this blog but lately, there’s been a lack of interesting gaming news so, I think I’m going to stop my daily update “schedule” now and keep it more flexible. All the big titles such as the upcoming Super Smash Brothers for the Wii or Final Fantasy XIII I’m not really interested in. They get plenty of coverage on the real gaming sites anyway.

This is probably best considering the length of the posts I’ve been making lately such as the near two thousand word ones written for the weekly episodes of “Rosario + Vampire” and “Persona Trinity Soul”.

So, just a little bit of change.

No more


2 Responses

  1. I visited your blog frequently because you got coverage on niche gaming news (especially persona 3, I think you are the only one in internet who summarize the FES fanbook), maybe you want to focus this blog into for more niche game titles?

    Hope you got persona 4 covered in the future updates though, rumor says Atlus will publish it in PS2, but so far, no screenshots have been revealed.

  2. I don’t know. I only blog about games I’m interested in and P3 just happened to be one of them that I really got into. I don’t really own that many consoles unlike some of the real gamers on the Neogaf forums.

    I will probably be covering P4 if it’s as interesting as P3 but we’ll see. The PS2 actually belongs to my brother and he’s packed it away now to replace it with the Xbox 360 so even if P4 comes out on the console as rumoured, I don’t know if I can play it ^^;

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