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5 Centimeters per Second Novel, Part One – Oukashou

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks for the comparison and novel summaries it really made my day. As depressing as 5 cm/s was, i can’t get enough of it.

  2. Thanks for sharing your notes with us. Checking the post before this makes me really want to buy it along with a copy of the R2 LE dvd. Sadly the lack of credit card is a tough obstacle to get around, not to mention the price!

    While it seems that this novel hasn’t given us any extra scenes relating to the story, the description of it seems like a good accompanyment to 5cm.

    Here’s to hoping that the next two novels help us understand the final 10 minutes(well the last novel anyway.)

  3. From all of us non-Japanese reading Byousoku 5cm fans, THANK YOU! I’m still suprised the movie didn’t win any awards.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this! You must be the first person to review the novel in English. Thanks!

  5. I really can feel the feeling and sadness of both Akari and Takaki in the novel more than the movie. It’s more, like, stronger than what were presented in the movie. I’m listening to One more time, One more chances, while reading your summaries, so the reminiscent of the movie will seems stronger.

  6. OK, I take back what I said about awards.

    Also, isn’t there just one book that covers the whole movie? Or is it going to be 3 seperate books and the other two aren’t published yet?

  7. Yes, the movie’s also just won the Italian Future Film Festival’s “Lancia Platinum Grand Prize”.

    And I think you’re not the only one that thought this novel just covered “Oukashou”… I think Liingo thought the same thing too. Maybe it’s the post title I’ve chosen?

    If you look back to my other post you’ll see all three parts of the movie are on the contents page. I’ve only compared the first story that’s in the book so far and will be covering the other two eventually. Sorry for any confusion ^^;

  8. Wow, thank you. I’ve seen the movie 3 times, once alone and two times with different groups of friends, and your summary of the novel filled in the blanks really well.

    I think Shinkai would do great as a novelist, probably in a calibre like that of Murakami or even better — his descriptions, in particular the ones that you translated in italics are extraordinarily poetic and amazing.

    It goes without saying that I had a lump in my throat while reading this. Your translating efforts are much appreciated. (: Will be looking forward to your review of the other two stories!

  9. Thanks for the sum-up. Can’t wait to get the Translated-Chinese novel at hand.

    But……Is the kiss scene in the moview was cut in the novel? If so that’s a bit disappointing, that should be one of the best scene (and that’s why it’s touching) in the movie.

  10. Don’t worry, it’s in the novel. I just didn’t write about it here because it was the same as the movie and the aim of this post was to highlight the differences between the novel. You’ll notice I didn’t detail the whole train journey or the reading out of Akari’s letters either.

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