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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Delayed

Due to quality assurance issues, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will be delayed from March 13th to March 27th. This of course means the PSP package will also be delayed until then too. It’s a pity but, we don’t want a buggy game to ruin our gameplay experience now do we?

And while you’re at it, Capcom… Please be sure to put a “Skip” option for those defend the fortress quests so we can skip the opening cutscene! All the Japanese players I’ve played with via Kai have agreed with me on this one so they have to have that in. The cutscene becomes really tiresome after you’ve beaten Lao Shan Lung a few hundred times already.

So, this means the game will come out on the same day as Code Geass: Lost Colors now. Ah, the choices for ACG fans, eh? I somehow think more people will be queuing for the MHP3G package on the day, though.

MHP2G Delayed


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