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Wii Fit Coming to Europe in Spring?

According to French site Wiiz.fr, Wii Fit (or Wii Fitness) is going to be heading to Europe this Spring. If so, I’ve got another title to reserve some cash for next to Dragon Quest Swords. I wonder how much it’ll cost? Around the same price as the Guitar Hero III package?

Although the fitness title didn’t get much enthusiasm at launch, according to Nikkei it’s managed to sell 1 million copies in just two months at 8800 Yen (US$80) per copy as of January 6th. Other game/entertainment developers must be really jealous of Nintendo’s success by now. One hit after the other from them.

If you’re interested in some detailed preview demos, WiiFolder.com has a whole bunch of well presented videos up. It’s looking like Wii Fit has a large selection of activities packed in compared to Wii Sports.

And while I’m at it, I should post this classic parody that was made by Sarcasticgamer.com who, added in their own narration to Nintendo’s own trailer shown at E3 last year. Class! They should sub this for the Japanese. It’s not going to stop me getting the package, though!

Now where’s that date for TC New Blood!?


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