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Gegege no Kitaro The Great Youkai Battle, A New Platformer in the Works

After all that exercise on the Wii, it looks like Kitaro is ready for another portable adventure and this time it’s going to be “Gegege no Kitaro: Youkai Daigekisen” on the DS. It looks and sounds awfully similar to the last platformer on the GBA by Konami. It’s been four years since I wrote the scripted guide for that game. Time passes fast eh?

Anyway, YouSen from Bandai-Namco is due sometime in April this year. It looks as if it’s going to be based on the remake Anime show that’s currently on. You’ll also get to meet Neko Musume to heal up your HP and see her in different costumes. Can’t omit that fan service now… And of course you’ll get to fill out a Youkai Guide Book.

Gegege no Kitaro Daigekisen

I’m not quite looking forward to this one but we’ll see. It just too similar. It doesn’t even make use of the DS’ touch screen or dual screens for that matter!

I’ve got a whole backlog of episodes to watch just now. Haven’t really made any time to watch Anime lately ^^;

Here’s the first OP and ED for the remake, “Gegege no Kitaro” and “Urameshiya”. They’ve updated the show so much that it even includes episodes showing the Nintendo DS and Wii.


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