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Code Geass Rebellion of Lelouch: Lost Colors, A Chance to Date the Characters

Ever wanted to date one of the girls such as C.C. or guys like Lelouch from Code Geass? Well now you can. Bandai-Namco has finally revealed their PSP title as “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: Lost Colors” and it’s going to be none other than a dating sim.

This original story picks up from around episode eight of the show where you, the player, wanders into Ashford Academy lost with amnesia. It is Mirei who comes to your aid and introduces you into the school.

Lost Colors Scan 1

Lost Colors will contain over 40 characters to interact with from the show complete with full voice acting. Start a romance story of your own with the guys or girls. You may see sides of Shirley and Kallen that you’ve never seen before. You may even be able to save Yuffie from her cruel fate! Just like all visual novels the story is multi-branching allowing you to side with the Black Knights resistance or Britannia. You’ll be able to take control of Knightmare Frames by issuing commands to join in battles.

Lost Colors Scan 2

The PS2 will also be getting the same title but with one extra “Theatre Mode” allowing players to edit the dialogue lines used in certain events. PSP owners on the other hand will have the option of purchasing the limited edition which includes a UMD version of the “Black Rebellion” 2 hour summary DVD due out on February 22nd. Both versions of the game will be available on March 27th 2008.

This should be much better than the DS game and I’m presuming you can choose to be male or female since it says you can hit on the male characters. I just might get the limited edition for the UMD and its original “alternative” stories. It’s just what Code Geass fans need until the second season in Spring which, will take place a year after the first season. Suzaku is going to be a member of the “Knights of the Round” and a new character named Rollo Lamperouge appears looking for his older brother…

Now I wonder what the Wii title they have planned is going to be. I really don’t see any use for the Wiimote apart from piloting a KF.


2 Responses

  1. Does that screenshot imply that you can hit on the female member of the Shisei-ken? This is mind-boggling. D:

  2. Well, she is blushing and seems to be offering the player something to eat so probably. I’m guessing all the characters listed on the second scan can be dated.

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