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An Otaku Christmas with their Favourite Girl

I was thinking of posting this together with the Christmas post but I decided not to since it’s really sad. Now that the celebrations are over and there’s just a few days before New Year, it should be safe.

As you may already know, Christmas isn’t a public holiday in the East even though some form of decorations are up. Well here’s something that cropped up in Akiba besides the cosplayers in their festive Santa outfits.

The text says”Staff Member A’s Christmas Plan” and you can find more of these photos over at Danny Choo’s blog (NSFW) in the post “The Otaku Myth“. Come on, celebrating with a fictional character? I think you’ll have to be really obsessed to go that far and it’s just… eery. Either they’re setup to ridicule Otakus or, it’s true but just for the minority.

Otaku Xmas

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