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Trauma Center New Blood, Japanese Video Updates

So, Trauma Center New Blood is out in the US now. The weekly Tuesday updates have stopped leaving fans with a trivia game to play to win wallpapers and a PDF version of the manual for download. Just how many wallpapers are there to unlock I wonder? Seems it depends on your score but, I wish they gave you access to all wallpapers if you answered most of the questions correctly.

Now it’s the Japanese site’s turn which hasn’t received any updates since opening two months ago. I presume they’re starting now because soon it’s going to be just over two weeks before they get the game.

If like me you’re still waiting for the game, maybe you’ll be interested in the six downloadable videos they’ve put up. Or maybe you’re just curious about what the Japanese version is like since most of the time, people are complaining about how the Japanese voices are much better in dubs. Bare in mind these videos contain a large part of the dialogue from one of the episodes unlike the American updates which kept spoilers to a minimum.

Japanese OP

It looks like they’re not adding in Japanese script to the opening video. I think it would have looked good if they did but I presume they want to keep the Western presentation.

This “Miracle Surgery” programme idea in episode 4-3 seems kind of cheezy… Did Atlus add it in because the first game didn’t have enough comedy value to it? Well, I guess you want to do stuff you can’t get in the real world.

It's the Miracle Surgery programme!

It appears a doctor named “Bello” is challenging Caduceus of America’s medical skills and Mark and Valerie are being sent out to settle it.

Time to dispatch the pros.

There’s a guy commentating during the operation! Talk about dramatic!

A commentator!

Looks nasty this one… I like!

Fun operation.

There’s also a new soundtrack added named, “Score Attack”. Not as good as the first.

It would be great if they could release this before the winter weather is over. This game just has that “wintery” feel to it just like when I was in the Super Mario Galaxy’s warmly lit library room while it was snowing outside over here. Then again, it maybe possible we’ll be waiting over 6 months for it just like the last.

Also hope we get a boxart that’s similar to this Japanese one on the left instead of the American one. A boxart might not sound like much but it is the first thing you look at when you take the game out to play.



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