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Falcom’s Vantage Master is Getting a Remake

It appears the “Vantage Master” title Falcom announced a month ago is going to be a PSP remake of their 1997 turn-based strategy game.

The game will be due sometime in 2008 and is one where you summon units, sending them into the battlefield and trying to defeat the other summoner strategically. Each Vantage Master and summoned units has their own special ability and their own elemental weaknesses and strengths. While in the PC series you could link up with another player via the internet, you will be able to use ad-hoc (i.e., PSP to PSP) only here. It will also feature a mode where you can use the popular Legend of Heroes VI characters such as Joshua and Estelle.

In the meantime if you’re interested in seeing what the Vantage Master series is like, you can download a free English version for the PC. I’m sure those of you who enjoy strategy won’t be disappointed.

Vantage Master Portable

As mentioned before, I’ve only played VM Japan and it was really good. I’ll be looking forward to this remake, especially when it appears there might be a side LoHVI story!


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