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Persona Trinity Soul Blog Updated with Photo of First Episode’s Title

The Persona Trinity Soul blog has been updated today by Aniplex staff member Kazunori Adachi who was partly reponsible for updating the P3 soundtrack production blog a year ago. I’m not too sure about the title printed on the script for episode one here but, I think it translates to “The Special Class ‘A’ Potential (特A潜在)”.

It’s obvious we’re going to see Jun’s power awakening in the first episode judging by the trailer but if I’m right about the title, does it mean some form of task force is going to be assembled to deal with the Reverse in the show? I’m presuming they might be scouting for anyone with this “Special Class A” power. It wouldn’t be too surprising considering P3 had an SEES team to deal with the Shadows.

Just over a week until the première then a few more days until it officially airs. Hoping to read some good feedback.

Episode 1 Script


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