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No More Heroes European Version will be Bloodless?

It appears Rising Star Games has made the decision to give us the censored “bloodless version” of No More Heroes that is currently out in Japan. That means all you’ll notice when you knock down enemies are probably how they disintegrate with a shower of black pixels and coins rather than the nastier, gory action that will appear in the uncensored NA version.

Personally, I don’t care because this game was supposed to look comically cool in the first place (does that make sense?). The sort where you would expect sound effects appearing in giant letters whenever you hit an enemy such as “POW!” like in the classic 1960s Batman TV show. The gore just detracts from that effect because now there’s a bit of “realism” in it.

Censored JP/EU Version
No “head shots” for us then.


One Response

  1. so… lots of blood its not real, but pounding into dust is? lol non-sense

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