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No More Heroes gets Promoted with Toilet Rolls and Adult Humour Ads

So, even after all the magazine coverage and weekly idols cosplaying as Sylvia Christel on their site, the No More Heroes developers are stuck selling toilet rolls?

No More Heroes - Free Toilet Paper

Not really because this is just another promotional event that took place Thursday on the action game’s release date. Yup, you save by going to the toilet and that’s why they’re in Akiba giving away these toilet rolls with the No More Heroes character art stuck all over them.

Close Up

According to IT Media’s coverage, the game is selling well within the capital of Tokyo but if it manages to do the same in other areas then, Suda will be considering a sequel.

Meanwhile, magazine advertisements can’t get better than this… NSFW!

Hilarious. This is better than the GTA ads. Somehow, I doubt this will pop up in magazines over here. Make that the game probably won’t get any kind of promotion at all.

Magazine Ad

What are you doing with that Beam Katana, Travis?


5 Responses

  1. That toilet paper is absolutely hilarious!

  2. I heard that event was a bust. Just about no one came to buy the game leaving Wada and Suda alone at the tables with pen and toilet paper in hand, at least according to all of the big gaming blogs.

    I wonder, is it because of the game itself or the two creepy men handing toilet paper?

  3. “What are you doing with that Beam Katana, Travis?”

    It doubles as a fleshlight, IMO.

  4. Yeah, their source was probably Akibablog (NSFW). Apparently the journalists waited for 20 minutes and no one bought the game. Then someone who appeared to be Enterbrain staff (publisher of the Famitsu magazine) went over, bought a copy and got it signed while the cameramen surrounded him. Quite a move to make…

    I don’t think you can say the game’s not selling well though since it’s in the top 10 on Amazon’s charts. Just that they don’t have fans enthusiastic enough to go along to get their copies signed. Maybe if they released a limited edition that included the soundtrack or something then a crowd would gather.

    We’ll see what position it manages to get on the Media Create ranking.

  5. Travis is obviously jerkin’off………Hope he packed some tissues for his….”Happy-Release”

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