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Persona Trinity Soul, Main Cast Revealed with Two New Characters

Just as the first newsletter said, the main cast is now up on the Persona Trinity Soul website. It looks like two girls might be joining the Kanzato brothers in the fight against the Reverse because two female character names have popped up.

I was beginning to wonder about the tag line, “A juvenile drama that intertwines with a group of high school boys and girls.”

So lets start off with the two new characters first. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the girls look like or anything about their character. Just who their voice actresses are. “Megumi Kayano” will be played by Kana Asumi who was also Kana from Bokurano and, “Kanaru Morimoto” will be played by Mai Nakahara who was also Rena from .hack// Legend of the Twilight Bracelet.

The Female Leads

Somehow I think Kanaru is going to be the Moe character of attention looking at the list of other main roles Mai has had.

As for the Kanzato brothers, Shin will be played by Nobuhiko Okamoto (John Brown from Ghost Hunt), Ryou by Takehito Koyasu (Ryosuke Takahashi from Initial D) and Jun by Miyuki Sawashiro (Maria from Zetsubou Sensei).

The Kanzato Brothers

So two female leads. Since Ryou is in the force, I presume the girls will be paired up with the other two brothers. Should find out more once the Christmas Eve première is over or maybe even before that if the January issues of the AniMags are out.


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