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No More Heroes Set to Get a Soundtrack Already

Still just over 3 days until No More Heroes get released in Japan but, it looks like Grasshopper are confident this game’s going to do well. They’re so confident that they’re already offering free samples of the soundtrack too which will get released two months later on January 23rd 2008. Just head to the Special, Download section of the site.

No More Heroes OST

I’ve had a listen to the four tracks but they don’t really stick. What I can say is the game is sounding really cool. If it grows on me, maybe I’ll end up ordering it.

This promotional video that Dengeki released makes me even more eager to play the game now along with all those weekly clips. You can see they brought in the Otaku “Moe” culture too with that poster (No, I don’t get the obsession either). And that narrator’s accent makes it all seem very cheezy but the game itself seems funny enough. If that video’s not good enough, you can watch the opening video on Gametrailers too. Very classy.

Travis goes,

Famitsu has given this action game a score of 9, 8, 8, 9 (34/40) . There’s not many great titles for the Wii yet. Especially ones that make use of the motion sensoring Wiimote and nunchuk combo so I’m really looking forward to this game. Just hope they don’t delay it when February is close.

All I need now is a release date for Trauma Center: New Blood and Dragon Quest Swords too. Oh wait, can’t forget Wii Fit.


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