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Interchannel to Release Ys I & II DS Remake in February

Ys fans can now mark down February 28th 2008 as the day when the Ys I & II DS remakes will be out in Japan. I’m actually kind of disappointed they’re not selling the two as a single package considering the size these ARPGs will probably end up as and that Falcom already sells a complete package for the PC (without the new features of course).

Ys I & II DS Boxarts

Well, I doubt this will keep me from playing No More Heroes for that month because if I remember correctly, the PC versions didn’t take that long to finish. I think it was just a couple of hours but, the boss fights were great fun and took a number of tries.

Those of you who like ARPGs should try these games out if you haven’t already. If you’ve only played the recent 3D games such as The Ark of Napishtim then, you should try out the way you originally fought in the early games. I’m sure you’ll have fun ramming into enemies.


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