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Fragile, Everyone Ends Up Thinking They’re All Alone

Do they? I guess I’ll find out by playing “Fragile: Sayounara Tsuki no Haikyo”. The official site for this spooky looking Wii “exploration RPG” is now open and greets you with the following:

This planet is so vast,
Its world overflows,
With so many people yet,
Every person ends up thinking,
“Why am I all alone?”…

That mini paragraph’s already caught my attention. The music playing in the background draws me in even more. Reminds me of the Spirited Away tracks, “Ano Natsu he” and “Ano Hi no Kawa”. It sounds serene yet a little lonely at the same time. Think the composer is a big fan of Joe Hisaishi’s music?


There’s really not much up on the site at the moment. The “World” section has a few screenshots you can look at along with a short vague description of the game.

“Fragile: Farewell to the Lunar Ruins” is an RPG set in a not so distant future where the world has ended in ruins. In between crumbling walls, on the other side of the shattered windows, where everything is withering away, what will you find in this oxidizing world?”

World of Fragile

In the characters section you meet the hero Seto, a young man travelling alone on a forsaken planet, trying to find other survivors like himself. All he can do until then is gaze up at the moon and grasp onto hope.

And who could the heroine be? The one who waits to be found, trapped behind a door under rubble, eyes closed, thinking only of Seto.


Last but not least, you’ll find a trailer that mentions the name “Hotaru” and a narration of the intro posted above. You get a quick glimpse of red text on a wall that says, “Save… Save that child…” Talking about the Heroine perhaps?

This game is due sometime 2008 in Japan and is being developed by Tri-Crescendo the team behind popular titles such as Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata) and Valkyrie Profile.

From what I can gather from Famitsu’s articles, this is a horror survival game where Seto must find out the truth about what happened and where everyone has disappeared to. As Seto, you’ll be exploring the ruins by shining your flashlight around in the dark using the Wiimote. There will be other tools such as a metal detector to help you find any items that you might find useful. Demons will appear to attack you and your only defence might be that stick he’s carrying.

Scan 1 Scan 2

It should just be over 30% complete. Think it’s possible this will come West? I think it might considering how many of the developer’s other titles have been translated. If they don’t then… Well, that’ll be one JP only game I want to play unless any future updates change my mind otherwise.


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