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Yggdra Union Blog Mini Game and 8000 Free Demo Discs for Grabs

Lets see… Until December 12th 2007, all you have to do is access the Sting Station website via your Japanese mobile, register and you can get a free demo disc of the upcoming Yggdra Union PSP remake. First come first served basis and both paid and free subscription members of the service are eligible.

Collector’s alarm bell ringing! I wonder if they’ll be using the same artwork for their commercial UMD? Nice idea for attracting more people to their mobile phone service and building more attention for the game. The demo discs are being dispatched early December so, think we’ll be seeing a dumped copy around then?

Yggdra Union Goodies

And as mentioned before, “blog parts” seem to be a hit with game developers lately. If you want to help promote the game (or at least raise awareness), you can embed this Flash mini game on your blog. Just visit the Download section of the official site for the code.


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