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Persona 3 The Prequel, A 3D Mobile Phone Game

There’s still over a month until the Persona 3 based Anime show airs so, is there anything to tide fans over until then? Well, it appears there is besides the abundance of P3 goodies that are becoming available.

Aegis First Mission Screens 1

Aegis: The First Mission” is a 3D mobile phone ARPG developed by Atlus and BBMF that was released a few weeks ago. As you can guess from the title, it allows you to play as Aegis and focuses on the events that happened on Yaku Island 10 years before the PS2 game. It’s currently downloadable for 525 Yen (US$5) in Japan.

Aegis First Mission Screens 2

I’m a great fan of Persona 3 but, I hope Atlus doesn’t turn it into a “Compilation of Persona 3” like the FFVII series. The dark mysterious storyline behind the RPG was one of the main charms so expanding it any further to clear everything up could end up ruining things.


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