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Trauma Center New Blood Opening Video and Two New Wallpapers

The new opening video revealed at the official site seems to be quite a bit better than the one from Second Opinion. Nice MegaTen style music from Kenichi Tsuchiya and no gameplay footage used.

I would have preferred an animated opening but, I’m sure that would mean losing a lot of detail from the beautifully drawn backgrounds which, wouldn’t be a good trade-off really. I like this Noah’s Ark image. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new enemy?

Trauma Center New Blood OP

There are some people that are saying its style is a reference to the American medical drama “House”. I don’t watch the show so I can’t tell but, after checking out the opening video on Youtube, I have to agree they look awfully similar… Think the staff is a fan of the show?

Those of you who have become fans of the new faces in this sequel should go check out the wallpaper section for two new wallpapers.

I wonder if we’ll get the game on the same date as Japan… That would be good.


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