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Persona 3 Goodies, P3 FES Fanbook and Drama CDs

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4 Responses

  1. excellent entry. My friend also mentioned some information from the fanbook. It seems very informative (especially for these who could read kanji :P)

    also, did the fanbook mention about Mitsuru’s execution? I’m still wondering what it really is (people in Gamefaqs said she unleash her persona and freeze all the boys during hotspring)

  2. It doesn’t as far as I can recall. In the book, they’re caught during the hotspring scene thanks to Aegis tracking them down and Mitsuru summons her Persona. No details about what happened. The entry was written by Ryoji after he passed out and woke up. He only remembers what he saw as an illusion.

  3. whooaaa excelent, thanks for the informationn~
    Man, did Yukari really called the protagonist an “incompetent pretty boy”? BITCH!! >_<

  4. Well, she actually says, “From the looks of him, he seems to be a weak pretty boy and maybe pretty thick-headed too.” >_>

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