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Ace Attorney Apollo Justice Saga Begins Early 2008

Ah, the West can finally get their hands on the latest instalment of the Ace Attorney series. Capcom has announced Ace Attorney 4, featuring new hero Apollo Justice, is due sometime in Q1 2008 which is fast considering the Japanese version only came out a few months ago in April this year and that it’s a text adventure they’re dealing with.

Ace Attorney 4 Boxart

So I wonder how people will react about the way the new hero is handled in this new story? Personally, I thought Shu Takumi did it very poorly to be honest. You can read my review about the game at Gamebrink.

And will the ending be the same as the Japanese version? A certain real life Japan related issue was presented to players during the game so I wonder if the developers will be changing it somehow.


2 Responses

  1. I’m currently playing through the last case of the third game and I’m already looking forward to play this 4th installment.
    Sure it’s hard to let the spotlight shift from a lovable character such as Phoenix to another spiked-haired protagonist, but in my opinion there wasn’t many ways to keep Wright as the main character and create another epic text adventure.
    I skipped reading your review on Gamebrink because I didn’t want to spoil any details on the story or the characters (not even screenshots), but I read the closing comments and I gathered that you still haven’t lost interest on the Gyakuten Saiban series. That sounds like good news to me.

    On a completely different matter, I love reading your blog. I may not comment often but I read every entry with great interest. Amazing work!

  2. Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with coursework!

    I don’t mind the new character Apollo. Just that Takumi didn’t focus on him very well in this game.

    The new Minuku system (don’t know what the English name is) kept the game interesting. You have to zoom in on the witness and spot tell-tale movements during trials so it makes solving cases a little bit more difficult.

    And glad you like the new blog!

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