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Persona Trinity Soul Site Officially Accessible, Concept Art from Soejima

While the address for the now confirmed Persona Anime show’s official website has been known for sometime now, the site hasn’t really been accessible until today.

P3 Anime Site

There’s not much on it at the moment. The same picture that’s been used in magazines such as Newtype is there but, there’s also more clarification about the storyline itself.

Ayanagi City, Sea of Japan.

A futuristic city that had recovered from the disaster that struck 10 years ago, a sudden mass outburst of multiple Apathy Syndrome cases. A highschool student (Shin Kanzato, 17 years old), his younger brother (Jun, 14 years old) and the oldest brother, a young police chief (Ryou, 28 years old) reunite.

It is then that many strange cases occurr in Ayanagi City. The crew members of a submarine suddenly disappear. The Apathy Syndrome from 10 years ago is back to throw the world into chaos. Incidents of students murdered in horrendous ways with their corpses turned inside-out.

Ryou is after an organisation who is behind a serial case. When Shin becomes involved, his other form the “Persona” is awakened.

The wheels of fate begins to turn for the brothers.

Now that has certainly caught my attention. Some creepy details! So does this mean “His” sacrifice to seal Nyx was in vain? Brilliant. This should be reason enough to get the old gang back on the case and, they should be around Ryou’s age by this time. I, and many other P3 fans too I’m sure, would be happy to see them back to see how they have been getting on.

Some concept art has also been put up together some comments from Soejima on Famitsu, the main character designer.

Shin is a second year senior high student of Naginomori. He wears a pendant which is in the shape of wings and is also a memento of his father.

Shin Kanzato, 17

Ryou joins the police force so that he could solve mystery behind the serial cases. He is the youngest person to become chief of the police force.

Ryou Kanzato, 24

Jun is a third year junior high student. The brother’s parents had both disappeared mysteriously.

Jun Kanzato, 14

Same artwork can be found at Dengeki Online but with notes written down. It’s sounding like a good series to look forward to in the new year. Perhaps we’ll have the Code Geass sequel too by then?


9 Responses

  1. So everything the MC did was in vain? *was kinda depressed after finishing the game*
    Oh well. I, for sure, would like to see how the old gang has been doing…

  2. Seems so. He died after sealing Nyx. The world was rid of Apathy Syndrome but now it’s back after 10 years.

    I wonder if any of these Kanzato brothers will get summoned to the Velvet Room.

  3. ever have thought that the MC will become the nyx, means that, HE is the reason apathy syndrome resurfaced once again? :3

  4. That would be quite a twist…

  5. Does it had an officially ending eps?
    I mean, at what eps this anime will end? Kinda boring ^^a but anyway I like to see the personas in this anime

  6. Well yeah, I’ll admit it’s not a great show. Same dark atmosphere as P3 but they’ve spread out the mysteries for too long and not much story development.

    It’s supposed to end at 26 episodes and since P4 is out in June, there’s something to look forward too :P

  7. P4 is in this June???
    SO quick! do you have any official web about this?

  8. Sorry, I meant July ^^;

    Long 7 minute trailer on Youtube:

    Actual scans:

    Official Site open on 24th next week:

    I’ll be covering it later on my other blog but won’t be any time soon probably.

  9. Thankyou verymuch for sharing the links
    I was very curious about this game
    so P4 is out in this year? this July?? still so quick XD

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