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UK to get Mario Galaxy Launch Event at Game Stores

It looks like we don’t lose out on everything when it comes to game releases here in PAL land. According to C3, the Game stores around here will be holding an evening launch event next Thursday for Super Mario Galaxy. There will be free goody bags for people who turn up, a costume competition judged by Nintendo themselves for a chance to win the game together with a Wii and also demo booths available for trying out the game.

How thoughtful (and strange) of them to include an umbrella with the goody bag. Think they’ll print the store’s logo on it or Mario art?

One of the locations just happen to be within my reach so, maybe I should cancel my pre-order with Gameplay and go along. I’ll be able to get the game earlier instead of hoping Gameplay will dispatch my game long before Friday but then again, the prices in retail stores are usually much higher. It’ll be interesting to see how the event goes too but… We’ll see.

A Game Store

Now I wonder how many of those people will be ones who have been playing the leaked US version of the game which, apparently works on PAL too.


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