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Japan gets a Release Date and Site for Trauma Center: New Blood

It’s been a month since the West got a nice site up for Trauma Center: New Blood complete with its weekly updates but, the Japanese only had the magazines to look to – until today.

The Japanese site for “Caduceus: New Blood”, which officially opened at 18:00 today again, looks better than its Western counterpart in my opinion. There’s a single music track to listen to named “Title Loop”. It has the same vibe as the one from Second Opinion even though Shoji Meguro isn’t doing the music this time. In terms of wallpaper well… I don’t know which side’s better.

Japanese Site for New Blood

More importantly, the Japanese also has a set release date of January 17th 2008 which is about two months (according to GameFAQs) before the NA release. Nothing for over here yet and I’m pretty certain they’re going to end up removing the 480p HD support just like in Second Opinion. There’s all that voice acting to translate and squeeze onto the DVD after all but, I guess they could keep it regional i.e., French only version for France, German for Germany etc. That should give it some room for the HD sources.

The front page of the Japanese site actually reminds me of the No More Heroes’ box art. Markus looks wild and it looks like he’s smirking here because he has the beautiful Valerie right next to him just like how Travis is with Sylvia. In contrast, he has a more gentleman look to him on the Western site. Maybe this shows the difference between the marketing for this game in both sides of the world?

Site Design Comparison

In Japan fanservice is pretty standard, catering towards the Otaku market and it looks like it’s had a bit of influence on the Japanese site here too. The protagonists look intimate and has a kind of “get the girl theme” to it. On the other hand, the West is fairly much going for a more diverse audience with the Wii (i.e., the casual gamers market) so maybe that’s why they’ve gone for the well-mannered “professional” look. Now I wonder what the Japanese boxart will look like.


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